Bailiff in "The Baker of Madrigal"


Character Analysis

The bailiff is a court functionary who accompanies the prisoners to and from their cells.

Historical Model /Inspiration

The doublet and trunkhose were designed to fit in with the general period.  The striped cloth was used because it seemed appropriate for a minor functionary and was punny.

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Concept Sketch

A simple doublet, sleeves and trunk hose form the basis for this costume.  I wanted to use the stripes on the diagonal, but later decided that the doublet wouldn't hold its shape with that much bias cut.  The sleeves are black corduroy.

Designer's Notes

The bailiff was concerned that his costume didn't line up properly around the belly.  It's not due to fit, but posture.  This did work into the play because the Bailiff was somewhat sober and slow of speech.
Concept for the bailiff

Alternate View

Bailiff with hat

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