Carmen in "The Baker of Madrigal"


Character Analysis

Carmen is Aurora's personal servant.  She does not speak in the play but adds to the action. 

Historical Model /Inspiration

The general garb of a working class woman of the middle ages was  followed. To make her position higher satin was used for both the kirtle and the overdress.

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Concept Sketch

This sketch looks only a little like the final product.  Carmen was a late addition to the play.

Designer's Notes

I redesigned this dress to be a kirtle with an open front under a laced front overdress.  The actress decided to wear the dress backwards with the opening in the back.  It looked good either way.  She played her lady in waiting as more modest than I conceived her to be.  The kirtle was built based on the basic designs in Janet Arnold's book and it's interesting that it fits about the same backwards or forwards. 
Concept for Carmen

Alternate View.
Carmen in the background

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