Cesar in "The Baker of Madrigal"Cesar's costume, back view

Cesar de Santillana

Character Analysis

Cesar is the passionate, honest son of the evil villain in this play.  He is also is loyal to the "Baker" who is has spied on and he's desperately in love with the baker's daughter.  His costume should show his youth, passion and impetuosity.

Historical Model /Inspiration

This costume was inspired by that worn by Prince Carlos of Spain in 1556.    While Prince Carlos was considered "mad" by his contemporaries and historians alike, he is definitely a model for a young Spanish nobleman who is impetuous and passionate.
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Concept Sketch

The short trunk hose, well fitted and boned doublet and the cocky hat all contribute to Cesar's passionate and impetuous nature.  The red and gold color scheme represent his boldness.  His wealth and position are depicted by the cut velvet and metalic lame used to build the costume.

Designer's Notes

Cesar is present throughout the play.  The third act occurs three months after the first two.  It didn't seem reasonable that he and his father, who were both powerful and wealthy would be in the same clothing three months later.  The director said we didn't need two costumes.  My compromise was to make their costumes reversible.  By the third act Cesar is still just as passionate, but he's become much more controlled.  So the alternate costume is done in purple satin with black fine wale corduroy.  The director was right. The audience expected everyone to be dressed the same as they were in the first act. 

A second challenge with Cesar's costume is that he had to make a very quick change in the third act to play a young version of his father.  To facilitate the change I made his ruff as a reversible dickey. 
Concept sketch of Cesar's costume

Alternate Views

Cesar in reversed costume

Gabriel and Cesar discuss AuroraCesar's hat

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