Gabriel in "The Baker of Madrigal"Gabriel with hat and capeKing Phillip of Spain

Gabriel Espinosa

Character Analysis

Gabriel is the baker of Madrigal.  He is a very honorable, wealthy middle aged man who is serious but also tries to make the best of things.  His bearing is noble, as are his manners and speech.  He has a secret that he is honor bond to keep to himself.  His character is one of self-control, care for others (especially family) and responsibility.

Historical Model /Inspiration

Gabriel's costume was patterned after a portrait of Phillip of Spain done in 1688.  Phillip had been a very flashy dresser earlier in his life, especially while being married to Queen Elizabeth of England.  But after his third wife died he went into permanent mourning and a more somber mode of dress.  I softened it for Gabriel by choosing a deep blue velvet highlighted with satin inserts for the trunk hose (which I also lengthened).  The hat does not photograph true color.  It's a blue grey rabbit felt that is very similar to the hat that King Phillip is wearing in his portrait.  The cape is made according to the Spanish patterns, but hangs shorter on Gabriel because our actor is quite tall, while King Phillip II was not. 
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Concept Sketch

This costume, like all of those for the male characters of the play, shows some modifications from 16th Century style to accommodate modern actors and audiences.  It was not difficult to get the men in tights, but cod pieces and stuffed stomachs would have been too much.  So might the very short trunk hose that were often worn.  This costume has maintained the basic shape in the doublet, the tall hat and the swinging cape.

Designer's Notes

Gabriel, like Aurora, had to have a prison costume that showed three months hard use.  Two identical costumes were made.  The only parts that were used the both costumes were his shoes and his shirt.  I decided that a person of Gabriel's dignity would have discard the ruined ruff and lace cuffs rather than wear them soiled so the prison costume was without these features.  Gabriel is always wearing one black glove as an element of the play.  We need to have soiled one for his distressed costume. 

Concept Sketch for Garbriel's Costume

Alternate Views

Gabriel with Cesar act IGabriel with Rodrigo in prison

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