Ines in "The Baker of Madrigal"Infanta

Ines Aldino

Character Analysis

Ines Aldino is the most mysterious character is in the play.  She is the unknown woman who appears briefly in the first two acts, and whose role in the central events of the play is revealed at the end.  Because she doesn't speak until Act III her costume and demeanor must convey her character from the beginning.  She is pure, virtuous, regal and kind.

Historical Model /Inspiration

This costume was inspired by a portrait of Infanta Isabella Clara of Spain.  It is fashioned after the styles of Spanish noblewomen illustrated in Janet Arnold's Pattern of Fashion.
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Concept Sketch

This costume is based upon the foundations that noblewomen of the 16th century wore: a pair of bodies and a Spanish farthingale.  The bodies (early corset) give the slender, flattened upper torso and the farthingale produces the bell of the skirt.  The standing ruff was selected to make the costume more regal and also slightly out of date to indicate that the mysterious woman is of an earlier generation. The gown is of pale antique white antique satin.  The sleeves and petticoat are of a silver and gold satin.

Designer's Notes

This costume was built after Aurora's two gowns, so the idea of painted lace had been abandoned. The gold trim is the reverse side of a brocade.  On of the challenges with these large dresses is attaching the large skirt to a band to be attached to the bodice.  Pleats seem to work better than gathers.  The standing ruff should have been supported with a metal stand called a supportase.  I didn't have the resources to craft one so I used glue as a stiffener and three of the metal bones left over from the bodies.  The ruff had to be detachable so I made it part of a dickey that could be removed.  Ines had a very quick change for her flashback wedding in Act III (see picture below).  Her wedding gown is a deep red kirtle with black attached ruff and sleeves that fitted over most of her regular costume.  It's covered with a lace trimmed black veil.

Concept for Ines

Alternate Views

Aurora & Ines prepare to travelInes sittingInes RuffWedding

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