The Marquis of Tavira in "The Baker of Madrigal"

Marquis of Tavira

Character Analysis

The Marquis of Tavira is a  self-important middle-aged nobleman of confused loyalties.  His costume is a bit foppish, hence the pink lining, large feathers  in the hat and gold trimmed velvet doublet.  Because it's difficult to make young college students appear middle aged I made the costume too small around the middle to suggest the middle aged paunch that the actor didn't have. 

Historical Model /Inspiration

Janet Arnold has done a remarkable job documenting the costumes of the 15th and 16th Century.  This costume was inspired by her depiction of a doublet and trunk hose worn by Nils Sture at his murder in 1567.   I modified the design for plunderhose to be more comfortable for the modern actor.
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Concept Sketch

The doublet eventually became more "Spanish" than the Swedish version that I sketched by adding the shoulder pieces and reducing the plunder hose.  I didn't like the pink fabric in the stage lighting so the final costume has gold sleeves and trunk hose. 

Designer's Notes

All the doublets were constructed with full lining, and theoretically reversible.  The sleeves are attached with "points" or often the modern equivalent, safety pins.  The epaulettes (shoulder pieces) makes it very difficult to sew the sleeves directly into the doublet.  The loose attachment of the sleeve to the doublet, while historically accurate, also allowed the actors to have more ventilation in heavy costumes. In the picture below you can see some of the attempts to make the Marquis more foppish.  His ruff is extra fluffy, he has a double ruff on the sleeves. The pink bow on the hat is acceptable period style, but also suggests the foppish nature of the Marquis to modern audiences. Also note the shoes.  They are authentic renaisance style crafted from leather chair samples.
Concept sketch for the Marquis of Tavira

Alternate View

Marquis on one knee begging forgivenessMarquis hat detail

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