Marta, Luisa's Servant in "The Baker of Madrigal"


Character Analysis

Marta is a servant at the Inn.  She has no lines, but she admits people to the Inn and sets a tone for the Inn.  She is clean, neat and a reliable servant.

Historical Model /Inspiration

It is difficult to find Spanish paintings including the lower and working classes for the late 15th century.  So I was inspired by Vincenzo Campi's 1580 painting of an Italian fruit seller.  To make the costume more appropriate for Spain I did not include the ribbons on the apron shoulders.  
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Concept Sketch

Marta's costume is composed of a shift, blouse, jumper, apron and hat.  The servant should be dressed for the work of the Inn and in the period.

Designer's Notes

The sleeves of the shift (under dress) in one long piece that looks like a two piece sleeve when worn.  The cloth for the shift and the apron was bleached and laundered to make it appear more faded and worn, as it should be for a hard working servant.  
Concept Sketch of 15th Century Servant Costume

Alternate View

Marta in Motion

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