Character Analysis

Pilar is a servant to the Espinosa.  She does not speak in the play but adds to the action. 

Historical Model /Inspiration

The general garb of a working class woman of the middle ages was  followed.

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Concept Sketch

The servant was dressed simply in a shift, blouse, overdress, petticoat, hat and shoes.  The colors were selected to match the general blues of  the Espinosas.

Designer's Notes

The overdress is made of a denim-like material that hung well without the use of stiff petticoats or farthingales which seemed inappropriate for the working class.   Originally all women were to have period shifts to go under the clothes for their own comfort.  We built these for the main characters and those who had to wear the petticoats of crinoline or the farthingales, but not for Pilar or Marta, the lower class servants. 
Concept of Espinoza servant

Alternate View.
Servants in action

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