Priest in "The Baker of Madrigal"


Character Analysis

Two priests, played by two different actors, wore the priest robes. 

Historical Model /Inspiration

The priest robes and hood were modeled after those worn by Saint Francis and Brother Leo meditating on death by El Greco, painted around 1600.  El Greco's art was the foundation for the color scheme for the play.  I worked on this design aspect with Michael Slane, the technical director.  He and the rest of the creative team agreed with me that El Greco's Spain, with its dark, passionate colors was appropriate for the play. 

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Concept Sketch

The robes of a monk are sketched.  I planned to make the priest in the play a cardinal, but the director wanted one costume for two brief priest appearances.  So the final costume is black.

Designer's Notes

I found no patterns for priest robes from the renaissance or the middle ages.  I don't think it was because they were so easy, but rather, that the church did its own tailoring.  The many portraits of bishops, Popes, monks and saints show great variety in their clothing, and great quality or work.  El Greco's paintings were detailed enough to suggest weave, texture and stitching styles on the clothes.  The picture below shows the hood from the side.  The lighting was low for all the back flash scenes.  This actor is much smaller than the one pictured.  Our chief challenge was to hem the sleeves to fit both men.
Concept of the Priest in "The Baker of Madrigal"

Alternate View.
Wedding scene

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