Rodrigo enters Act I of "The Baker of Madrigal"Rodrigo of "The Baker of Madrigal"

Rodrigo de Santillana

Character Analysis

Rodrigio di Santillana is a very complex character.  He is the despotic governor in the play who was responsible for many atrocities during Spain's take over of Portugal.  He is cunning, ruthless, strict with other's conduct and autocratic.  He also has deep feelings for his family that may come more from the position that he has as "patriarch" than for any real feeling or understanding of his children.  I conceived of Rodrigo as the "heavy" when I read the play.  The slender actor who was cast needed to have a costume that would enhance his physical presence but not make him seem padded. 

Historical Model /Inspiration

The costume was inspired by the illustration of the Sture's in Janet Arnold's Pattern of Fashion.  They wore more extravagant plunder hose, but the pleated trunk hose seem more Spanish.  As a governor I put him in the long cape rather than the short capes that the Spanish Cavalry wore. 

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Concept Sketch

Rodrigo de Santillana was conceived in a dark black and gold costume that appears to feature rows of gold metallic embroidery down the front of the doublet, it's back and at the cuffs.  The ruff and cuffs are to be black and less than others to indicate his control.  He is ruthless, opulently wealthy, but in no way fluffy.

Designer's Notes

This costume, like Cesar's, was designed to be reversible so that in the third act Rodrigo could appear to have changed clothes.  Like Cesar, it didn't work.  Many audience members didn't notice the change even though to me, the designer, the black with gold embroidery is very different from the gold with black embroidery.   I chose the gold for the last act when Rodrigo is trying to exert his influence the most.  The entire costume is reversible.  The trunkhose were most fun to make because the stripes of the fabric produced very different results when pleated.  All seams were flat felled.  This costume was made of only one layer of cloth in most places too make it cooler because the black fabric would be so hot.  The hat changed in from concept to  execution.  It's made of black velveteen.  Only Rodrigo has a black ruff and cuffs.
Concept Sketch for Rodrigo

Alternate Views

Rodrigo in 1st actRodrigo in 3rd act

Rodrigo's hatRodriog and soldiers

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