Soldiers with Rodrigo


Character Analysis

The soldiers needed to represent the Spanish military might of King Phillip II.  They had no lines, but were important to set the scene and carry out actions.

Historical Model /Inspiration

These costumes follow the same basic design as that of Lieutenant Quinones and are based on Alcega's diagrams in Janet Arnold's book, Patterns of Fashion.

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Concept Sketch

There was no separate concept for the soldiers.  They need to have uniforms to match Lieutenant Quinones.  They have the same hats, with less plumage.  There capes and doublets follow the same basic design without the embellishments and trim.  Their trunkhose are not slashed.

Designer's Notes

These uniforms were among the last costumes built.  The trunk hose might not too full.  In the attempt to speed the process I used an automatic gatherer instead of pleats.   The hats were crafted from felt soaked in a solution of water and glue and shaped over a balloon.  The soldiers' hats in reality would be made from metal (helmets).  The hats were also made right before the production and it was impossible to find plumes.  These plumes were crafted from boas glued to pipe cleaners.
Basic Soldier - Officer

Alternate Views

Soldier hat sideSoldier in hat

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