Internet Links

These Links were very helpful in designing the costumes for "The Baker of Madrigal."

Historical Costume Development

Drea Leed's Elizabethan Costuming Page

Susan Reed's Website on Historic Costume.

The Renaissance Tailor: Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing.

International Costumers' Guild, Inc.  Home Page

I. Marc Carlson's Footwear of the Middle Ages

Shire of Oldenfield, S.C.A. Garb Links - Clothing and Costumes (lots of pop-ups on this link)

Lorenzo d'Estes' Costuming Link on the Stures

General History of Renaissance Spain and Portugal

Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida, 1539-1821: An Internet Museum

Nancy Mautz'  Development of Western Civilization:  World History-Renaissance.

Calderon's Company: A 16th Century New World Garrison at De Soto National Memmorial

The  Journal of Hamel and Korea: In the wake of the Portuguese

Commercial Sources for Supplies

Grannd Companies & Grand Garb ... bringing history back to life.

Sewing Central:  Your source for Historic Patterns and Fabric

Farthingales Fabrics by Mail
(Also great source for the supplies and tools needed for corsettes and online Period Costume Reference library)

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