Westminster Psychology BA – Duquesne Masters of Occupational Therapy Partnership


This partnership provides successful candidates with both an undergraduate psychology major and preferential admission into a Masters of Occupational Therapy program. Students who successfully complete the program receive a Westminster College B.A. in Psychology. In addition they will have all of the prerequisites needed to move directly into the Masters of Occupational Therapy program at Duquesne University. Students can apply for admission into the master’s program as early as the end of their freshman year. Through Westminster’s Field Experience program and Psychology’s capstone research courses, students will have internship and research opportunities collaboratively developed with the Westminster and Duquesne faculty.


Occupational therapy is a growing professional area. Practitioners work in such settings as acute care, industrial rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, mental health, long-term care, case management, consultation, school systems, early intervention, community service, education, disease prevention and health promotion.  With a Westminster bachelor’s degree in psychology, career options will expand to those available to all psychology majors including a wide variety of social service and child development careers, and opportunities to pursue graduate education in clinical, counseling, and the variety of sub-specialities of experimental psychology.


B. A. Program Description

Masters of Occupational Therapy at Duquesne