The Major in Psychology (for students participating in the Westminster-Duquesne Occupational Therapy program): Upon completion of the B.A. degree requirements, students in this major are eligible for admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy program at Duquesne University.


Psychology Courses (40-44* hours):

Introductory Psychology (PSY 101),

Research Methods and Analysis (PSY 201)

A minimum of one course from the following:

Childhood and Adolescence (PSY 221)

Adulthood and Aging (PSY 291)

A minimum of one course from the following:

Organizational Psychology (PSY 241)

Behavior Modification (PSY 271)

A minimum of one course from the following:

Principles of Learning and Memory (PSY 281)

Cognition (PSY 351)

Psychological Assessment (PSY 301)

Behavioral Neuroscience (PSY 341)

Four hours of internship experiences with Duquesne consultancy

(PSY 560)

Senior Research with Duquesne consultancy

Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies I & II

(PSY 601, 602 2 semester hours each)

Advanced Research I & II (PSY 631-640; 2 semester hours each), OR

Honors Research (PSY 670-690; minimum of 8 semester hours)


Required Westminster Support Courses:

Bio 110, 111, 222 and 223, Math 131, Phy 151, 4 sem.hrs. of Phi 230-260


Required Duquesne Courses* (These are proficiency courses, are offered

through Duquesne and must be completed prior to completion of the B.A. requirements. They do not earn Westminster credit.)

Foundations/Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy

Medical Terminology


* If required Duquesne Courses are completed prior to graduation, a minimum of 40 hours of psychology courses are needed.