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There are many career avenues open for Psychology graduates.  Many enter the mental health field andBethany Peters at EPA eventually become therapists or agency administrators.  Others enter business or industry often in the areas of management or personnel.  A third direction taken by psychology graduates is advanced training in related areas such as law, medicine or business administration.  Some graduates become educators or scientists.  Virtually all of these careers require good communication skills, both oral and written.

In order to prepare students to be good communicators most psychology courses include opportunities for both written and oral presentations. Students learn to make presentations using a variety of technologies from a simple speech or written report through a sophisticated multi-media presentation.  Click here for more information on multi-media presentation technologies.

In addition, all Psychology majors present their Senior Theses on several occasions.  Students practice presenting informally to their peers and professor before making formal presentations for the Department and at the Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference.  Some students have opportunities to make presentations at regional, and national Psychology meetings.  Click here for the student research presentations page.

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