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Internships prepare Westminster Psychology students for careers by letting them experience the work Julie as a Preschool Internenvironment.  In order to be eligible for an internship students must have junior level standing.  This is to assure that the student can perform well at the internship with a firm foundation of Psychology course work.  Ideally students will complete the internship during the Junior year or the Summer between the Junior and Senior year.  Such timing allows students to use the internship experience to refine their career goals and preparation during the senior year.

One successful outcome of an internship is to learn what one does or does not want to do.  Many Westminster alumni have used the internship to discover that a particular type of work in psychology is not for them. A student who planned her future as a child welfare worker learned that she didn't like working with children and families.  She is now a CEO of a community agency that works with adults.  Another successful outcome of an internship is a good reference for a future job.  Often students are offered jobs at their internship sites.  A third good outcome of the internship is an understanding of why the courses are relevant.  The internship paper helps students connect their course work to their career goals.  Most students complete an internship with a clear idea of where they want to go and a new appreciation of how their courses and senior research will them get them there.

Click here for the Psychology Internship Guidelines.

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