Allegheny County Juvenile Court

From Erin O'Donnell (Sr. Psych Major): - My internship was with the Intake/Investigation Department of the Allegheny County Juvenile Court. I was assigned to a probation officer and helped him with his work load. It was a professional setting. My internship involved many visits to Shuman Center and to court hearings before the various judges. The internship also involved many hours in front of the computer doing paperwork, and contacting the children and their families. I really liked the experience, it really made me appreciate my family. My mom helped me get the internship because she works for the county. The contact I used for my interview was Bernita Diggs.

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Allegheny General Hospital

From Anneliese Schwartzmiller (Sr. Psych Major):  -My internship was at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA with Dr. Michael Franzen, Ph.D. Dr. Franzen's office is located across from the hospital so I would work at the office with outpatients and also at the hospital with inpatients.

The resources I used to line up my internship were the internet and the career office. I was able to gather phone numbers from the internet and call several places in my area to see if they were looking for interns.

My internship involved administering neuropsychological tests to patients and then scoring the tests to evaluate their performance. I was able to test patients who sustained injuries to their heads, geriatric patients, and those preparing to receive ECT. I learned how to administer and score around 20 different tests. My internship was a valuable experience because it allowed me to take knowledge I obtained from my classes at Westminster and apply them in a clinical setting.

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Behavioral Health Unit at Jameson Hospital 

From Lindsey Weber (Sr. Psych Major): - I completed my internship requirement on the Behavioral Health Unit at Jameson Hospital located on the South Campus in New Castle Pa. My main supervisor was Cindy Warso, who was the director of the nursing staff. I acquired this internship by simply sending an email to their education department (Debbie Thompson) asking if they were accepting summer interns and if so would it be possible to set up an interview. The called me back saying that no interview was necessary because they have an affiliation with Westminster and are more than happy to extend an internship to one of their students. While at Jameson I had the opportunity to work on the geriatric and adult inpatient units as well as the partial hospitalization program. I was able to work with the doctors, nurses, social workers and counselors on a daily basis. After observing the procedures for a couple weeks I was then able to participate in planning and leading group therapy sessions, document the progress of the clients and take on clients for weekly individual sessions. I met many different kinds of people and learned a lot about working in a clinical setting. I would recommend an internship like this to anyone seeking experience in clinical/counseling psychology, nursing or social work.

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State Correctional Institution at Greensburg

From Kadie Strosko (Sr. Psych Major): This is a Medium security sate prison which houses approximately 700 male inmates from minor sentences of 1 to 3 years to lifers. Supervisors: Deputy Seckeres, Mr. Wingard (Unit 3 Manager), Mr. DiBridge (Unit 3 Counselor). I came about this internship because my hometown is near this facility and I took it upon myself to contact the prison and ask who I should speak with about an internship. I filled out a packet of information they sent me and went in for an interview about 2 weeks later. Activities: I worked with unit 3 which consists of 300 inmates. I helped with legal matters, emotional matters, and even helped teach a violence prevention class. I feel that I have learned so much, I would definitely work in the field of corrections if the opportunity came because it is very rewarding (believe it or not). Overall, I felt extremely safe in the prison, the inmates were very respectful, and I had an amazing counselor to learn from. This was a very positive experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the field of corrections and/or working/understanding inmates, the criminal mind, and criminal actions.

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State Correctional Institution at Mercer

From Laura Peters (Sr. Psych major):  - First of all, I'm interning at the State Regional Correctional Facility at Mercer (or State Correctional Institution at Mercer), which is currently a minimum-security facility but they are in the process of upgrading to medium-security. It is an all-male institution, so there are no female inmates. As you can imagine, the setting is somewhat rigorous, with a set schedule for arrivals and departures, tight security, and lots of rules for obvious reasons. I work with the psych department in their building inside the fence in the prison and have close contact with the inmates there during interviews, evaluations, and that sort of thing. My supervisor, Dr. Dawn Marie Wentzel, is amazing and is full of information, knowledge, and insight. She has set up lots of activities and job-shadows to do within the prison as well so that I can get a feel for what everyone does there, including the psychology, treatment, and assessment aspects. I got the internship by reading one of the emails Janet Waugaman sent out regarding internships and part-time jobs and I contacted the internship coordinator at the prison, as listed in the email. (His name is Rev. Ohl). After I got ahold of him we arranged my schedule and starting date and all of that basic information and then once I got there Dr. Wentzel became my direct supervisor. My activities inside the prison include observing therapeutic groups led by the psychologists there, conducting evaluations on parole violators returning to the institution, observing Psychological Report and Risk Assessment interviews, observing different therapeutic techniques, dictating and writing out my own interview notes/evaluations, and taking part in psych department meetings there. As far as my experience thus far has been, I really enjoy working there. I like the psychologists that I work with, and I even like the work there even though it's very different and a new approach to psychology for me personally. The prison system is a whole different world, and it's interesting to experience it even if I'm not sure that's what I'm going to be doing with my own career. I've definitely had a good experience there so far and I'm looking forward to completing the internship as well, and writing up my report and assessment of the whole thing for the summer term.

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The Institute for Motivational Living  (Neshannock)

From John Buco (Jr. Psych-Human Resources major):- Supervisor: Coleen Kulkin Resources: Email, Career Center. This internship was a valuable learning experience; however, it was not a relevant one. I learned many things about what the company does and the products it makes. I was able to use programs that I otherwise would not have had access to. But I never got to do much research or reporting with the products. I ended up with a lot of paperwork and online work. I would not recommend this internship to be used as a psychology internship in the future. Its a good possibility for business and marketing or for someone just looking for a part-time job.

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