Artist Statement

Richard Regelski

In 1998 I threw on the wheel for the first time and fell in love. Wheel throwing ceramics acts as my release from the external world. When I throw on the wheel I become mesmerized, concentrating on a lump of clay, pushing it to its extreme, but treating it with the utmost respect knowing not to disobey itís boundaries. The pressures and pains of life seem to diminish and be transformed from virtually nothing into a beautiful vessel.

However, none of this would have been possible without the instruction of Kathy Koop. Kathyís encouragement and creative philosophy has enabled me to progress in areas that seemed impossible before. Without her believing in me and teaching me to take risks, I would never be where I am today in ceramics.

Working in ceramics means many different things to all of us. As a senior psychology major at Westminster College, I hope to pass on Kathyís philosophy to troubled children. I want to combine the use of psychology and ceramics when working with troubled children and allow them to find their own meaning. Who knows, maybe they too will fall in love?

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