Artist Statement

Sarah Diver

I am a senior accounting and business administration double major at Westminster College. Until last April, I did not realize that something was missing from my studies. It was something concrete to show for all my hard work.

I can thank my roommate, Ann Hixon, for introducing me to wheel throwing ceramics and Kathy Koop. Ann was in Kathyís wheel throwing class last spring. She was excited about it and urged me to try it. She showed me the basic techniques and let me give it my best shot. I made three little pots that weekend that became my pride and joy. I spent time watching Ann throw in the art department, mesmerized. Then I decided to take the class myself.

Kathy is very encouraging. She saw that I loved every minute I spent in the art department. She helped me immensely both when I struggled and when I thought I was doing well. This semester Kathy convinced me to be a part of her advanced wheel throwing group. It didnít take much convincing.

I am continually amazed when I look at one of my pots and say, "I made that." It is a wonderful feeling when I achieve a shape or style that I have been working on. Last year I looked at Annís work and thought, "I could never do that." I didnít think I had any artistic ability. I am so thankful that Ann and Kathy showed me that I do have artistic talent. I read in a magazine not long ago that accountants need to do something artistic to balance their lives. The example given was pottery. Itís no wonder I fell in love with it.

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