Ode to Ohr, S.K. Webster

Ode to Ohr

High fire Stoneware,  Crest Black and Sanders Red glazes. 3x3x3

George E. Ohr was called the "Mad Potter from Biloxi."  He worked a century ago and was a man far ahead of his time.  His art and his life (which was also his art) pressed the question of what is normal.  His art was bold, fluid and unique.  The arts and crafts movement of the era was not ready to accommodate his style.  His style of life was also not consistent with the social mores of the Gay '90s.  His work was discovered in the 1950s. Then it began to be appreciated.  This small pot is inspired by  the excitement, freedom, fluidity and life George E. Ohr's art communicates to me.

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