Self Portrait, S.K. Webster

Self Portrait

High Fire Stoneware, thrown and altered, Ball Copper Blue glaze 8x6x5 

Perceptual psychology includes the study of ambiguous figures.  One of the most famous ambiguous figures is that of the face vase.  It is picture of  a vase that shows the profiles of two faces as in the button below.  This is called the figure-ground phenomenon.  When you focus on the black as the figure you can see the vase.  When you focus on the blue as the figure with the black as the background you can see two faces.  I have yet to throw the vase, but I did throw and alter the face.  The electronic image was made by scanning the self portrait and altering the electronic image.  Scroll down to see the larger image.

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Click here for a great internet tutorial on Perception in Art by John Krantz.  It covers figure ground perception.

Face to Face, S.K. Webster