ChunTea Pot, S.K. Webster

ChunTea Pot

High Fire Stoneware, Local clay with Ash glaze and copper oxide underglaze 4x5x3.5

This little tea pot is too small to function for tea.  It could brew a half a cup of tea.  But like the miniature tea pots made by the famous Yixing artists, it represents ideas of both form and process.  I dug the clay for this pot from my back yard.  The glaze was made from ashes of pig nut hickory brush given to me by a friend.  The  Chinese characters on the side of the pot are my attempt at the exhortation "good skill!"  Tea, like many things in life requires effort, skill and a harmony with the environment.  If this little tea pot can express any of those ideas then it's fulfilling its function.

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