Technical Information

Cyber Psycho Ceramics

1.  Photographing the Pots. After selection of the 20 pots which were most psychologically meaningful to me, my husband Ron and I set about photographing them.  With advice from Kathy Koop we attempted to use available light outdoors on an overcast day.  This proved to be very challenging because it's almost always precipitating when it's overcast in February in Pennsylvania.  The digital camera allowed us to view the images within minutes of taking them.  The dark shiny mirror glazes proved most challenging to capture since they reflected the entire view clearly, including the photographer.  All 20 pots were photographed on black, gray and white backgrounds, with flash (the rain made us desparate) and without and and several f stops.  The image which was "truest" to the pot was selected.

2.  Editing the Images.  Paint Shop Professional was used to crop and resize the images.  Several of the very darkest ones were adjusted for brightness. The background for each page was made by selecting a sample from the pot and saving it to a new file.  The backgrounds used are presented in the table below.


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