Childhood Development Minor

The requirements for an interdisciplinary minor in Childhood Development are indicated below. The purpose of this minor is to strengthen the developmental background of those students interested in working with children. This minor may be an advantage for students interested in the areas of elementary education, guidance counseling, special education, and social work. Psychology majors may not take the minor, but are encouraged to take other courses as indicated under the developmental track in psychology.

Note that PSY 101 is a required prerequisite for all psychology courses, and that PSY 221 or PSY 222 is a recommended prerequisite for PSY 411.

Two Children
Course # Name Semester Hours
Psychology Courses
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology   4
PSY 221 OR Childhood and Adolescence   4
PSY 222 The Developing Child (Cluster)  
PSY 411 Exceptional Children   4
PSY 271 OR Behavior Modification   4
PSY 281 OR Principles of Learning and Memory  
PSY 351 Cognition  
Education Courses      
PSY 231 Educational Psychology   4
EDU 202 Inclusion   2
EDU 203 Multicultural Education   2
EDU 572 Field Experience-Elementary (must have a 3.0 minimum grade point and a minimum of 3 courses prior to doing the Field Experience)   2
    Total: 26