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Dr. Alan G. Gittis, Professor and Dept. Chair
Dr. Gittis specializes in neuroscience.  He teaches Behavioral Neuroscience, Learning, Motivation and Cognition. His research focuses on neuropharmacology, spatial learning and neural networks. He co-directs the interdisciplinary Neuroscience major with Dr. Fawley of the Biology Department. Gittis Website
Alan G. Gittis, Professor
Dr. Sandra K. Webster, Professor
Dr. Webster is an experimental psychologist with a secondary specialization in statistics.  She teaches Research Methods and Statistics, Personality, Psychology of Women and the first semester of the Senior Capstone. Her research areas include emotion, coping with stress, conflict resolution, and teaching with technology. Webster Website
Sandra K. Webster, Professor
Dr. Mandy B. Medvin, Associate Professor
Dr. Medvin is a developmental psychologist.  She teaches Child and Adolescent Psychology, Adulthood and Aging, and Exceptional Children. Her research is in the areas of aggression, social development, and early self-regulation.  She is the holder of the Gibson-Drinko endowed Chair and the Director of the Lab Preschool. Dr. Medvin and Dr. Huey of the Education department coordinate the interdisciplinary minor Childhood Development. Medvin Website
Mandy B. Medvin, Associate Professor
Dr. Kirk M. Lunnen, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lunnen holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist. He teaches Introductory Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Assessment, and Behavior Modification. His research areas include psychotherapy process/outcome, biofeedback, military psychology, and critical incident stress management. Lunnen Website
Kirk M. Lunnen, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jamie McMinn, Assistant Professor
Dr. McMinn is a social psychologist who specializes in small groups research. He teaches Social Psychology, the second semester of the Senior Capstone, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His research interests include what makes a group seem real (entitativity), how groups improve future performance by reflecting on past performance (team self-correction), and structural holes theory. McMinn Website
Jamie McMinn, Assistan Professor
Dr. Sherri Pataki, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sherri Pataki is a social psychologist who specializes in research methodology and experimental social psychology. She teaches Introduction to Psychology, the Psychology of Women and advanced research courses. Her primary research interests are in the areas of interpersonal relationships and issues related to cross-cultural diversity, stigma, and prejudice. Pataki Website
Sherri Pataki, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Diana Reed, Head Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Reed is the Head Teacher for the Lab Preschool. She trains and organizes the college students who use the preschool for research or experience purposes.  She is  also the computer coordinator for the preschool and she researches and purchases appropriate software for preschool use. Lab Preschool Website
Diana Reed, Head Preschool Teache
Mrs. Debi Roud, Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Roud is a preschool teacher in the Lab Preschool. She also serves as the special needs coordinator in the Preschool Lab where she facilitates inclusion and support of children with disabilities.   Lab Preschool Website
Picture of Mrs. Debi Roud, Preschool Teacher
Mr. Ronald G. Webster, Psychology Dept. Webmaster and Technology Support Specialist
Mr. Webster maintains and develops technology applications for all the areas of the department.  He also maintains the Smart Classroom Computers on campus. Ron Webster Website
Ronald G. Webster, Network Technologies Specialist
Ms. Darlene McCoy, Secretary
Ms. McCoy is the Department Secretary for all of the people listed above and she is the secretary for the Department of Physics as well.  She keeps everything organized from Butterflies to Galaxies.
Ms. Darlene McCoy, Secretary
Dr. David B. Gray, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Gray is a social psychologist who specializes in organizational behavior. His international research program focuses on the relationships among attitudes about equality and work practices. He retired from full-time teaching in 2003 but continues to consult with the department.  Gray Website
David B. Gray, Professor

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