602 Psychology Capstone
Senior Studies II
Fall 1998
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"Section A" on Tuesday (14 Tuesdays)
"Section B" on Thursday (15 Thursdays)

12:30-2:00, HSC 150


Dr. David B. Gray

Phone 7357

Office Hours MW, 9:00 - 10:00, & R, 2:00 - 3:00


The Senior Seminars (602 Psychology Capstone, and the 630s Research II):

The senior seminar has been formally divided into two seminars. The more general one is called Psychology Capstone or Capstone for short. It will be similar to the old conception except most activities will be streamlined in half. The practice sessions in the last two weeks will remain full bore as usual. Also, as in the past, the larger perspective of the total discipline will be the working framework, and relationships to post-college life will be explicitly treated where appropriate.


The other senior seminar, fall term, is called Research II, or Research for short. This seminar is conducted by your sponsor and is more narrowly focused on the specific research projects of the seminar members.



Your goal is to complete the highest quality research you are capable of, and to communicate it in the clearest and most polished scientific form. In most of the professions you may enter, you will use most or all of the skills you have sharpened in senior studies. We continue our long commitment to senior studies because the skills of analysis, problem solving, organization, and communication transfer to whatever your future holds.


Tentative working calendar


Aug 25, 27 Organize and equalize sections



1 Sept 01, 03 Re-examine Intro and literature


2 08, 10 Re-examine design, students present


3 15, 17 Fit of analysis and design


4 22, 24 Construct detailed data file structure

Begin data collection


5 Oct 29, 01 Review purposes of descriptive statistics

6 06, 08 Review Correlation


7 13, 15 Review ANOVA and MANOVA and repeated measures



8 20, 22 Review Regression

Mid-Break (Saturday 24 through Tues 27)


9 29 Introduce use of factor analysis

Nov 03

Complete data collection


10 05 Discuss individual data analysis problems



11 12 Structure and guidelines for a Results section

17 Build key Tables and Graphs, Structure of a Discussion


12 19 Presentation of total paper

24 Presentation of total paper


13 Dec 01, 03 Presentation of total paper



Final paper due on 3rd by 4:00 pm


Formal Departmental Presentation, Final period, 09, 10, 11, or 12th


Formal Spring presentation at Western PA Student Research Conference, April 24, 1999.


At this point, I do not plan on reading revised Intro and Method sections. Will formally grade the final paper/presentation as usual.


Seminar Functions:

Class sessions will function as true seminars. This means several things for this course. One, it is a cooperative effort; you will be helping each other, with the coaching of your instructor. This obviously means you must be there at all sessions ready to learn and to teach. Two, this readiness will require that you bring with you each time all relevant materials such as your disk containing all your files for Powerpoint, SPSS, etc. in case hard drives are inaccessible.



Three-quarters will be based on your final written paper combined with the evidence of understanding it and communicating it in the formal departmental presentation. The other 25% will be based on the quantity and quality of your contribution to the seminar.

A course grade of less than C- will require that the student repeat the course the following fall.


Submissions of Papers:

On the 3rd of December, two final polished hard copies must be presented, one to your Capstone instructor, and one to your Research II instructor. After all revisions have been made following your April Conference presentation, you must submit a final copy for binding to the Departmental Secretary before the last day of April. See separate page for criteria for senior paper.