Evolution and Creationism

Inquiry 101K  Class Discussion


Instructions for Before Class:

  1. Read the article in your Inquiry Reader by Stephen J. Gould entitled "Evolution as Fact."
  2. Read the tenets of Scientific Creationism  as presented by the Institute for Creation Research.
  3. Prepare at least one discussion question for the class that is based on these readings that is relavant to the course inquiry into knowlege and authority.

Instructions for During Class:

  1. Log into the Internet from any location you choose by 8:10 a.m. on September 18, 1998.  
  2. Enter the course bulletin board using the ID and password provided.  (Sorry, this discussion is limited to students enrolled in the course.)
  3. Post at least two meaningful comments to the discussion during the class time.  Read all the discussion.  You will need to  frequently refresh your screen to see new additions.
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Additional Internet Sources: 

The Evolution of Life, by Stephen J. Gould

Creation Science Association