Writing Assignment 2

Inquiry 101 K

Write a short essay that describes the position of your own cultural/religious tradition on the evolution issue.  Document your sources using MLA style.  You should compare the position of your own cultural/religious tradition to those presented in class and through the texts (Gould, Nova, & ICR).  The assignment should be saved to the R: drive by Monday, September 21. The grading criteria are as follows:
Clear Content:  The tenets of the position are well stated. 5 point
Good Organization:  The essay has a logical beginning, middle and end. 1 point
Adequate Integration:  The course material has been appropriately included in the essay through the use of comparison. 2 points
Critical Analsysis:  Arguments are evaluated as they are presented in context. 2 points
Quality of Communication:  Spelling, Grammar, MLA reference style, length (300-500 words). -1 point/error