Egyptian Rat Racers

    This group consists of :
        Kim Bartley
        Chad Bogdewic
        Heather Bullers
        Brad Ebel
        J.R. Miller

    These students are first-year students at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.  As part of the required first-year curriculum, they are enrolled in a class called Inquiry.  As a group project for the class, the students had to compose their own creation myth and design a symbol to complement it.

The Creation Myth:

    In the beginning, there was nothing but a vast vacuum.  The vacuum became so great that it imploded, causing a large black hole to form.  The formation of this black hole created a tremendous amount of energy.  This energy formed Bbew, the creator of all things as we know them.  Bbew spewed large quantities of plasm that formed the different galaxies.  Located in each one of these galaxies are solar systems similar to the one known by us.  Bbew created several Earth-like planets and allowed them to develop as they saw fit, for entertainment purposes, sort of like a cosmic home-entertainment system.