The Troubles of High School Dating

By Mini Society

Narrator: The first scene of the play is set in a high school hallway. Jacob and Heather are both attracted to each other, but their gender difference leads to misunderstandings.

Scene 1:

Setting- hallway in front of the lockers in high school


Heather- (desperately trying to talk to Jacob) Hi, what did you think of that chemistry test today?

Jacob- (shyly) It was tough.(He quickly shuffles around in his locker looking for a book.)

(monologue- This is great. I canít believe she is actually talking to me. I donít even know what to say.)

H- So did you win your baseball game last night?

J- Yeah.

H- What was the score?

J- 10 to 1.

H- Did you play?

J- Yeah.

H- How did you do?

J- I donít know, all right I guess.

(H- monologue- What am I trying to do? He will not even talk to me. Maybe I should just give up. But I like him so much but he will not even talk to me.)

JR- (walks up to J on his way to practice) Are you ready to go to practice?

J- (relieved) Yeah, letís go. (to H) See ya. (leaves quickly)

H- Bye (monologue- He didnít even acknowledge me. I guess he likes me. I give up.)


Narrator: The second scene of the play is set in the guyís locker room after baseball practice. Jacob attempts to explain his dilemma to JR.

Scene 2:

Setting- in the locker room after baseball practice


J-So what do you think about Heather?

JR-Sheís pretty cool.

J-Youíve got to be kiddingósheís the hottest girl in the school!

JR-So why werenít you talking to her?

J-I tried but I didnít know what to say. I could think of a million things to say now, but when Iím with her my mind goes blank.

JR-Just relax and act like sheís just one of the guys.

J-Easier said than done!

JR-Well my best advice is just to try to relax next time.


Narrator: In scene three, Heather explains her problem to Jen on the phone after school. Jen tried to give her some friendly advice.

Scene 3

Setting- Heather and Jen talking on the phone


H-Today in school, I saw Jacob at his locker and had a conversation with myself.

J-What do you mean you had a conversation with yourself.

H-Well I was asking him all these questions and I was lucky to get a one word answer! I like him so much but he wonít even talk to me. What should I do?

J-Well just ask him questions that he canít give one word answers to.

H-The way it sounded today, he could figure out a one word answer to any question.

J-Well if heís going to act like that, then heís not worth your time.


Narrator: In scene four the conflict is resolved through communication rather that assumption between Heather and Jacob.

Scene 4

Setting-in front of Heathers locker the next day


Jake-(walks up to Heatherís locker) So how are you today?

H-(annoyed) Fine

J-So what did you get on that Chemistry test?

H-An A.

J-Is something wrong?


J-Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to out on Friday?

H-What are you talking about? I tried to talk to you yesterday but you wouldnít give me the time of day.

J-I was surprised that you actually talked to me, and I didnít know what to say.

H-Well, you wouldnít talk to me, so I didnít think that you liked me.

J-No, I was just nervous. So what do you think about going out on Friday?

H-Sounds great! What time are you going to pick me up?

J-How about seven?

H-Itís perfect, Iíll see you then.

J-All right, bye.