Inquiry 101

Section G

Class Notes for  November 19, 1997

  • Announcements
  • Friday's Class Preparation
    • New Bulletin Board Discussion
    • Begin Friday during (or before class time)
    • Finish before Thanksgiving
    • Joint Discussion with Rennie's Section
  • Watch Scene from Henry IV
  • Discuss Conflict between Self and Society as portrayed in 
    • Shakespeare's play and 
    • Leah Rabin's presentation
Check  Student Home Pages
Prepare for Team Discussions by
  • Attending  Leah Rabin Address
  • Read Shakespeare (Click his picture for complete works)
  • Check Internet Sources for Background 
  • Think about conflict between personal identity and the 
    • Perceptions of Others
    • Needs of the State
    • Long term goals
Context for Play:

The King is Henry IV
The Prince is Harry
The drama portrays conflict between
self and community for both the King
and the Prince.