Exam 2
Inquiry 101
Section G

October 24, 1997

  1. Connect computer to network and log in.
  2. Find Exam 2 in Profnotes.
  3. Open it and read the questions.
  4. Select three questions to answer.
  5. Do not delete the other question.  Just complete the answers under each of the three questions you chose.
  6. Save the file on your local hard drive (C:) using the "save as" command. Name it d(yourname)X2.doc.
  7. Fill in  your answers under the questions you've chosen.
  8. You may use resources on the network in your shared discussion folder or course journal.
  9. You will receive a notification that five minutes remain in the period.
  10. At that time save the file and close Word.
  11. Copy the file from your C drive to R:\Assignments\Exam2.