Process in Inquiry I

The course process will have the following features:

The generalizations for dimensions of identity are listed in each section of the syllabus. These generalizations should be explored and challenged. Students will be asked to generate additional generalizations in their journals.

The classes will meet in plenary sessions twice each month. At these meetings, students will hear from special speakers or have student presentations.
Library Orientation
Students will be scheduled for orientation sessions during the semester. These sessions will coincide with assignments that require research into library resources and occur outside regular class times.
Students are expected to attend all class meetings and plenary meetings. After three absences, the final grade will be lowered by five points for each absence.

Using othersí ideas and words without proper documentation constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism will be penalized by failure in the assignment or the course.

Projects for each unit are listed at the beginning of each section.

Students will keep a response journal for recording their responses to readings, class discussions, plenaries. The journals offer the opportunity to reflect, develop responses, and raise questions. The journals will be collected every other week.

During the first year, students will keep a portfolio of their work in writing and Inquiry. These portfolios will provide a record of the written and graphic projects from these courses. The portfolios will be helpful in advising and will help teachers in the second semester become familiar with their studentsí work.

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