Mom is setting the table when Kathy enters

Mom – Hey Kathy, how was your day?

Kathy – Great! But I can’t stay to long ‘cause I’m going to another party tonight.

Mom – Great, another party. Is that all you do is go to parties? What about your school work?

Justin enters as Mom is talking.

Justin – Hey Kathy, you gonna get drunk again tonight?

Kathy gives Justin a dirty look and continues to set the table.

Katie and Dad enter together. Dad asks how Mom’s day went.

Mom – Okay. I got a lot of work done around the house so you won’t have much cleaning to help me with before Christmas.


Katie – Dad, where’s that package I saw you bring in?

Dad – Oh yeah, I almost forgot, our first Christmas present came in the mail today.

Mom – Who’s it from?

Dad – I think it’s from Aunt Sandra.

Dad leaves to go find the box.

Kathy – (sarcastically) This should be interesting.

Dad opens box and the family leans in to look what’s inside.

Family – Ooooooooh!

Katie – What we supposed to do with these things?

Justin pulls the last one out of the box and hands it to Kathy.

Justin – Well, Kathy can use this one for a shot glass…

Kathy – Shut up Justin!

Mom – Okay, that’s enough fighting.

Dad – Yes, let’s eat; I’m starved.

Kathy – Mom, have you been experimenting again?

Katie – Yeah, what is this?

Justin – Well Kathy, why don’t you just chase it down like you usually do? Then you wouldn’t have to taste it like the rest of us.


Dad – Come on kids, I’m sure your mother worked hard on this meal.

Mom – Well, while we’re all together, why don’t we talk about Christmas Eve. I want us to be a family and not have everyone in different parts of town.


Everyone begins making excuses at once

Mom – Hold it! Now Kathy, what’s your excuse? Not another party I hope!

Kathy – Well…you see…it’s the only one that week…and everyone’s gonna be there…all my friends are going…and besides, what’s happening here that’s more important than my parties? Really Mom…


Mom – (scowls at Kathy) – Katie?

Katie –I can’t go either ‘cause I have to work. I really can’t miss ‘cause there’s a huge sale Christmas Eve and anyone who works gets a big bonus.


Mom – (frustrated) – Justin?

Justin – Sorry Mom, I have an important swim practice and coach will be really ticked if I skip.

Mom – (close to tears) – And I suppose you can’t make it either!

Dad – I forgot to tell you that I have an office party Christmas Eve that I really should attend. Sorry.


Mom – I can’t believe all of you! You don’t even want to spend Christmas Eve as a family! What’s happened us? Every time I try to get us to do something together, someone always has a party to go to, or is scheduled to work then, or has swim practice, or has a work related thing that he has to attend.


Justin – Well, we’re having dinner right now as a family.

Mom –Right, so why can’t this happen on Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve should be spent together as a family. Not working or partying!


Dad – Your Mom’s right. This should be something we want to do not something we’re forced to do. Anyway, I really don’t have to go to that party. I’ll just tell my boss that I have a family function that I can’t miss. I’m sure he’ll understand.


Katie – Well, I guess I could get out of work if I really tried…so much for my big Christmas bonus.

Justin – And I could talk coach into moving practice to the morning.

Kathy – Well, if it is such a big deal, I guess I could miss this one party, I’ll just have to make up for it next week.


Mom – Now that’s more like it! I’ll serve supper around 5:00 and after we finish eating we can all go to Church. I’m glad this worked out for all us.