Autobiography Information

    I was born at McGee Women's Hospital on September 5, 1979.  I live in a small town called North Versailles.  I lived there my whole life.  My parents are Don and Judy Augustin.  They are both junior high school teachers.  My dad teaches, math and science, at a public middle school in the Hempfield.  While my mom teaches, all subjects, at a private school in North Versailles.  I have an older brother named Donnie and a younger sister named Julie.  My brother is a senior at Susquehanna University.  His major is business and hopefully he will become an accountant.  He is involved in sports and went abroad, in London, the first semester of his junior year.  My sister is a junior at East Allegheny High School.  She is involved with sports, school plays, and in the orchestra.    

    I attended East Allegheny School District my whole life.  I was one of those fortunate children who did not have to go through the hassle of moving to a new school district.  I spent my school years with the same children, so I knew almost everyone.  I started kindergarten when I was four years old, but a few days after school started I turned five.  My parents sometimes regret starting me in school at a young age, but I managed to pull through.
     In December of my senior year, I went to visit my brother in Europe.  This was my graduation present from my parents.  I was in Europe for two weeks.  The first week was spent in London.  This was the week of finals for my brother.  This was a poor week to go and visit him, but it was the only time I was available to go.  There were twenty one other students from his school that went abroad with him.  So, when he was not available to take me out, his friends would.  The second week, my brother, his girlfriend, and I went to Italy.  We had a good time.  We visited three cities- Milan, Rome, and Florence.  We only spent a couple of days in each city, but it was worth it.  It was an amazing adventure for me and I was very fortunate to experience a different type of culture than I am used to.
    I graduated from East Allegheny High School on June 6, 1997.  I graduated 13th out of 136 and my GPA, over the four years of high school, was a 4.45.  I was involved in many activities through my high school years.  I was a member of the orchestra, I played the violin, for four years.  I was a member of the girls soccer team for two years.  My junior year was the first year for a girl's soccer at our high school.  I played association softball ever since I was seven or eight.  I was a member of National Honors Society for three years.  I was also a member of Who's Who among American High School Students for three years. 

    I now attend Westminster College.  I definitely think that I made the right choice.  I wanted a small school.  Everyone here is so friendly and nice.  It is a good distance away from home, about an hour and a half.  Far enough not to go home every weekend, but close enough where I can go home when I need a break from school.  I made some really great friends here, which I feel will last forever.

    I am attending Westminster College to become an Elementary School Teacher.  Hopefully, I will be able to minor in Childhood Development, which is in the progress of becoming a minor here at Westminster.  I have had many experiences with children.  I do a lot of baby-sitting, I have taught Vacation Bible School, and I have volunteered at places, such as Head Start.  This past summer I went to Alaska, on a mission trip, to teach Bible School to the children in the villages.  This was a great experience for me.  It really helped me to finalize my decision of becoming a teacher.  I have been very fortunate to have all the experiences with children that I have had.  I know what I want to do with the rest of my life, and I am looking forward to it.