Who is Hindu?

    My name is Brian Hinderliter, and I'm from New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  I was nicknamed "Hindu" because my cousin had the same football coach when he was younger, and the nickname stuck with both of us.  I'm physically 6'2" and I weigh around 200 pounds.  I played a lot of sports in high school.  The list of sports includes:  football, baseball, basketball, track, soccer, and I also played street hockey since I've been eight years old.  Now that I'm attending Westminster College, I haven't been playing any organized sports except for Nolf.  This is a game that was created by my friends.  It's like playing hockey, lacross, and football with golf clubs and practice golf balls.  Now I also play ice hockey in New Castle.

   Something unusual that I do is play paintball.  I love the rush of hunting and being hunted.  We play in numerous fields, which include a rock field, an abandoned house, a junk yard, and numerous other woodlands.  Paintballing is great until you don't have the money to play.  It's very expensive, costing at leat ten dollars a weekend.  

       Friends are a big part of my life.  I have a lot of friends whom I keep in touch with, but my best friends are in the band LINT.  Eric McMasters (guitar,vocals), Justin Domire (bass guitar), Brad Fenstemaker (backup guitar), and Julie Boddorf (little drummer girl).  I started hanging out with the band during basketball season of my senior year.  They played in "The Garage" until they were kicked out.  They play gigs around the New Bethlehem/Clarion area.  I'm also dating the drummer, so it's a good thing I started running with them.
     They call me the band's friend, because I hate being called the equipment manager or band manager.  I haul around the band's equipment in my truck and go to all their gigs.  I have a guitar and a touch of knowledge, so if someone isn't there I fill in or we just "hack" all practice.  LINT is such a big part of my life that they have their own page on my home page.