Who Am I?
 (My Senior Picture)

        Hi, I'm Kathy.  I am currently enrolled as a freshman at Westminster College located in western Pennsylvania.  I am active in the marching band and the symphonic band, and a freshman Bible study.

        My home is located near Carlisle, PA (a four and a half hour drive away).  I attended schools from kindergarten through my senior year of high school in the South Middleton School District.  My high school is located in Boiling Springs, PA.  While attending Boiling Springs Jr. Sr. High School, I was active in the band, the SADD club, and science fairs.

        I am also a born-again Christian.  I have been following Christ since I was a child and will continue to serve Him forever.  My current church is Shippensburg Presbyterian Church under the pastoral guidance of Dr. Rev. John Berstecher.  I actively participated in the youth program headed by David Tigchelaar.  This past summer (summer of '97) we, the youth group, went to downtown Toronto to do mission work for the poor and homeless.   What a blessing that trip was.  The youth group also does a variety of other volunteer activities and fun activities.
        In the summer I participate in a family church conference held at Messiah College.  This is hosted by Reformed Renewal Presbyterian Ministeries International.   It is for people of all ages, children through adults.   The youth program is headed by Dr. Jim and Mary Moyer, both of whom are greatly anointed by the Holy Spirit.