Group Projects

We studied Esher's paintings.  We discovered the similarities all of the paintings had, and we created our own Esher-like-drawing.  The similarities we found were reflection, columns, and unendingness.  This is our drawing:

With a different group, we read creation myths.  Then, we compared the similarities of all of the myths.  The similarities we found were water, one supreme being, and people were created last.  Then, we made our own creation myth.  Our group name is the Simpsons, so we went with that as our theme.  We also made a visual that goes along with the myth.  Here it is:

In the beginning, Homer was very lonely.  He decided that he wanted something to communicate with.  He was very upset because he was very lonely, so he bagan to cry.  He noticed that his tears had collected into a puddle.  He sneeed and the water parted, and Homer noticed that there was soil.  He snapped his fingers and a tree grew out of the soil.  Homer thought the tree would be a good companion, but when he realized that the tree couldn't talk to him, he was still lonely.  The trees were growing so fast that they soon took up all of the land.  So, Homer created animals to eat the trees and to be his friends.  The animals failed to communicate with Homer, so he wanted to create someone like him.  Then, Homer created humans.  Homer was so jealous of the humans that he became one himself.  Then, Homer went down to what he now called earth.  He married Marge, had three children, and lived happily ever after.

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