My Hero:  Ekaterina Gordeeva
Ekaterina Gordeeva had a wonderful life.  She was married to the love of her life, Sergei Grinkov, and they had a beautiful daughter, Daria, together.  Katia, (as her friends call her), was a figure skater, paired with her husband, and they won numerous world titles as well as two Olympic gold metals.  They turned professional and went on tour with Stars on Ice.  But, on November 19, 1995, Katia's life changed drastically.   Sergei died of a fatal heart attack at age 28, while they were on the ice practicing a new number for the tour.  Paremedics were on the ice, working on him within 90 seconds, but they couldn't bring him back.  There was a history of heart disease in Sergei's family.  In fact, his father died of a heart attack.  However, Sergei's death came as a surprise to everyone.

When Sergei and Ekaterina were first paired together, no one thought that they would ever win.  There was a rather large difference in their height, and he was older than her.  However, as they grew physically, and as a team, they touched many hearts with their skating.  They accomplished a lot through their skating.  Like I said before, they won two Olympic gold medals, and numerous world titles.  When they turned professional, they skated in many different Walt Disney specials made for television.  They also toured with Stars on Ice, performed in Skates of Gold, (which is a program performed by previous Olympic gold medalists), and in numerous professional competitions, many of which they won.  Recently, Katia has competed as a singles skater in some competitions.  She is teaching her daughter to skate.  In fact, Katia and Daria were recently in a television musical, "Snowden".

Katia and her skating friends skated a tribute to Sergei.  As I watched the tribute, I experienced so many different emotions.  It was the first time in a long time that Katia skated alone.  She has been interviewed on many different occasions, and I have been able to watch or read a lot of them.  She is getting her life back together.  She said that her little girl, Daria has helped her get her life back on track.  Katia will never forget Sergei, and many of us never will either.  She said that the best years of her life were with Sergei and she is thankful for those years and for Daria.

Ekaterina Gordeeva wrote the book, "My Sergei:  A Love Story" as a tribute to him and their life together.  It is a very good book, filled with different emotions.

I loved to watch Gordeeva and Grinkov skate.  They have been my favorite pairs skaters for a long time, and I think they always will be.  I enjoy watching Katia skate, but it is definitely different seeing her on the ice alone.  She has shown great courage, and I admire her very much!
I do not have any personal pictures of Ekaterina Gordeeva, Sergei Grinkov, or their daughter, Daria Grinkova.  However, below are links to Ekaterina Gordeeva sites found on the net.  I have observed these sites, and they are very good.  You can learn more information on Katia, and you can see pictures of her on these sites.  Enjoy!                                               

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