Autobiographical Content

My Background:
I am a graduate of New Brighton Area High School's class of 1997.  New Brighton, Pennsylvania, is my hometown.  My parents are Robert and Virginia Locke, and I have a 16 year old brother, John.  My extended family is rather large.  Currently, I am attending Westminster College while majoring in Elementary Educatoin.

My Activities:
I danced at Christine's School of Dance in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, for 14 years.  Christine Camp Glover was my instructor.  I twirled at The Competition Floor in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, for 7 years. Kathy Harris was my instructor.  I was a majorette in my high school band for four years serving as one of the Captains my Senior year.  I was a three year member of the Varsity Tennis team, lettering my Junior and Senior years.

High School Organizations:
In High School, I was involved in many clubs and organizations.  I was a member of Lioness Club, SADD, Teen Leadership, Varsity Club, and Library Club.  Also, I was a member of Student Council serving as Vice President my Junior year and President my Senior year.  I was President of Drama Club and Ushers' Club my Senior Year as well as Senior Class Vice President.  For the yearbook staff, I served as senior section editor, and I was co-editor of the school newspaper.  Our school play was Mr. Hobbs' vacation, and I played Mr. Hobbs' daughter, Kate.

My Accomplishments:
In my Junior year, I was a finalist in the Beaver County Junior Miss Program, I attended a yearbook seminar in Seven Springs, and I was a delegate to Keystone Girls' State.  In my Senior year, I was selected by the faculty and the members of my class as DAR Good Citizen.  I recieved High Honors all four years, and I graduated with third highest honors.  I was honored by the Lions' Club and Junior Womens' Club as Student of the Month, and the Lions' Club also honored me as Student of the Year.

My Goals:
My current goal is to become an Elementary teacher.  I love to work with children.  I have experienced working with children by teaching swimming lessons and by volunteering at Head Start.  Another goal I have is to do my best everyday and to try and get good grades.

My Earliest Autobiographical memory:
I was four years old, and I was in my first dance reveue.  The little girl beside me started to cry when we were on stage.  She was on one end of our straight line.  I just ignored her and continued to dance.  Everyone told me how proud they were of me because they felt that if I started crying too, it would have continued down the line.  My mother and I have recalled this memory many times after it occurred.

Family Memories:
I have too many family memories to state all of them on this website, but I would like to state a few.  Like I said before, I have a large extended family.  When we all get together, Watch Out!  Every Christmas Day, my Mom's side of the family comes to my house for dinner.  After dinner, my brother, my cousins, and I would play with our new toys.  Two of my uncles, two of my aunts, and my dad would play cards.  The rest of the family would sit around and talk.  On New Years' Day, my Dad's side of the family comes to my house for dinner.  After dinner, everyone would sit around and talk.  We have most holiday meals at my house.  I have had some pretty speical birthdays.  When I was four, I told my Mom that I wanted a surprise party.  So, she had one for me and I was so scared that I ran upstairs and cried.  When I turned 16, my family had another surprise party for me.  They really surprised me because I had no idea that they were planning anything.  For that same birthday, I went to Florida with the band.  For my 17th birthday, I was in the Junior Miss Program.  My 9th and 18th birthdays were on Easter.  My graduation party was a lot of fun because my friends and family were there together.  There are many more great memories that I have, but I do not have the space or time to recall all of them here.

My Favorites:
Color - red; Food - steak salad; Movie - Miracle on 34th Street; Talk Show - Rosie O'Donnell; Actor - Scott Wolf; Actress - Vanessa Marcil;  Soap Opera - General Hospital; Primetime Drama - Party of Five; Comedy - Seinfield; Song - For the First Time; Male singer - Wally Kurth; Female singer - Celine Dion; Musical - Grease; Sport - Tennis; Vacation Spot - Ocean City, Maryland

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