This picture was taken five minutes after I recieved an autographed picture of Vanessa Marcil, my favorite actress.  As you can see, I was extremely happy!  I read an interview about her, and her words helped me realize something that I had been trying to tell myself.  I wrote Vanessa a letter to tell her how her words helped me and to thank her.  Vanessa's mom, Patricia, sent me a little note, which is attatched to the upper left hand corner of the picture.  Patricia reads Vanessa's fan mail because Vanessa is so busy, and Patricia selects a few letters for Vanessa to read.  She told me that they both read my letter, and they are both glad that Vanessa's words helped me.  I never expected that I would recieve a response let alone an autographed picture.  It was a pleasant surprise.  I will treasure the autographed picture forever.  The picture you see above was taken by my friend Natalie Bell.
On December 1, 1996, I met Sean Kanan, (ex-AJ Quartermaine from General Hospital), at King's Jewelers in the Beaver Valley Mall, Monaca, PA.  He autographed a picture for me.  He was very sweet, and I am glad I had the chance to meet him.
On February 8, 1997, I met Ingo Radamacher, (Jax from General Hospital), at David L. Lawrence Convension Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  Ingo is a nice, sweet, handsome guy with a great sense of humor.  He has an Australian accent.  I enjoyed meeting him, and I feel very lucky that I had the chance to do so.  He autographed a picture for me, also.
On May 4, 1997, I attended a Kurth & Taylor Band, aka. Eddie Maine & The Idle Rich Concert at Dick's Last Resort on the Flats in Cleveland, Ohio.  Pictured are in front from left to right:  Wally Kurth (Ned (or Eddie Maine) from General Hospital), Me, Rena Sofer (ex-Lois from General Hospital).  In the back are the members of the Kurth & Taylor Band aka Eddie Maine & The Idle Rich.  Christian Taylor is in the center.  The concert was awesome!  Wally is my favorite male singer.  They played one set, which included their new songs and some old songs.  Then, Rena, Wally's wife, came on to the stage.  She had been sitting in the balcony.  Rena and Wally's daughter, Rosabel, was in the balcony, also.  Rena led the auction.  The proceeds from the tickets, souveniers, and auction went to the Ryan White Foundation and Children's Hospital Rainbow Babies.  Some of the things that were auctioned off were a birthday phone call from Wally, GH Memorabilia, and a set of Lois's fingernails.  Rena and Wally had fun during the auction and it was fun to watch.  They auctioned off an autographed transcript from a recent GH show.  Rena and Wally acted out part of the transcript.  However, Rena read Sonny's part and Wally read Brenda's part, which is why it was extra funny to watch.  After the auction, the band did a second set, which included songs the band performed on GH.  After the second set, we got our pictures taken with Rena and Wally.  This was the only chance  I had to talk to them because they had to leave within the next hour and a half to catch their flight to L.A.  They were both so nice.  I enjoyed the concert very much!

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