Family Pictures
Look what happened to my family when I went to college!  (Just kidding)
This is how they looked on Halloween.  They dressed up for my Aunt
Valerie's Halloween/birthday party.  My mom and dad won the award
for best costume.
From left to right:  Mom, Dad, and John (my brother)
This is how my family really looks.  From left:  Mom, Me, Dad, John.  This was taken after my graduation.

My Cousins
        Paul Morack Jr.                                                  Lucas Morack                                          Stevie Morack
                                           Katie Locke                                                           Mike Locke

                                          Brittany Harris                                                  Michael Harris

This is my Uncle Angelo and Aunt Patty Morack.
From left to right:  Aunt Ida, Me, Aunt Lois

My Grandparents
Here are my Mom's parents.  On the left is my Grandpa Angelo Morack with me.  On the right is my Grandma Santa Morack with my brother, John, and me.
Here are my Dad's parents.  On the left is my Pap, John Locke, and my Stepgrandmother, Joy Locke, with me.  On the right is my Granny, Norma Locke, with me.
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