My roommate Kelly Corcoran and I

My first Halloween at Westminster was fun.  This was taken before we went to the party.  Some of us went as characters from the musical Grease.  The three in the top left are Katie, Summerlea, and Natalie.  The hippie in front of them is Lisa.  The angel on the far right is Jacci.  In the middle are the "Pink Ladies and T-Birds"  In the back from left to right is Heather, as Frenchie; Kelly, as Kineckie; Breanne as Sandra Dee; and Liz as Sonny.  In the front from left to right is me, as Marty; Danyelle, as Jan; Gabe, as Rizzo; and Gabrielle, as Gabrielle.

Here is a picture of the Pink Ladies and Sandy.

At the annual "Locke-house" Party, in my basement are:
at the top - Chris Lathom; in the middle from left to right -
Mark McCullough, Chuckie Simmons, & Sean Mason;
at the bottom - John Book.

At the "Locke-house" Party, in front of my house, are:  from left to right -
Lesley Smith, Torri Fair, and Jaime Hojdila

Jennifer Lefkowitz and Me.  This picture is from Senior Prom.

During my Junior year of high school, I was in the Beaver County Junior Miss Scholarship Program.  During this time I made 21 new "sisters".  The staff was great and I am proud to be a member of the Junior Miss Family.  This picture was taken during dress rehersal.  In the front row from left to right are:  Torri Fair, Stacy Hazenstab, Shannon Mazzant, and Raelene Holsinger.  In the middle row are:  Jaime Hojdila, Me, Laura Brett, Jaime Cole, Lesley Smith, Lauren Hojdila, Susan Nutter, and Megan Patrick.  In the last row are:  Marie Persi, Meghan Kalmar, Manda Groth, and Amy Schier.  Not pictured are:  Tamara Hersom, Missy Sia, Julie Rae Ulizio, Jennifer Paine, Cheryl Andoga, and Janine Burbage.

At the After Prom: Front-Stacy Irwin; Back-Brandy Eiler, Christina Fila, Me, Suzanne McCullough, Misty Gilchrist

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