On our very first day of school:  from left to right - Heather Lindberg, me, Jenny Crudden, Vanessa Dindindo

From left to right - Gabe, Kelly, Bre, Katie, Me, Julie, Beth, Liz
Here, we're getting ready to go out.  
From left to right - Katie, Heather, Alyssa, and Me
We got dressed up to watch Sonny and Brenda's "wedding".  We were the "bridesmaids".
You may think we're crazy, but hey, we had fun!  
Believe it or not, this is me! 
Ashley George and I at Homecoming 1996.  As Senior Class Vice President, I presented the Homecoming Queen with flowers from the Senior Class.  As Student Council Rep., Ashley presented the Crown Bearer with the crown.  This picture was taken by Mr. Beau J. Kester before we found out who the queen was.  I am happy to say that the Crown Bearer was my friend Vanessa Dindino, and the Queen was my friend Suzanne McCullough. 
From Left to Right - Me, Ashley, Andrea Morgan, Lauren Russo, Jill Allison
The morning of the final day of the MAC championships.  Lauren was my doubles partner, Ashley and Andrea were also partners, and Jill was a singles player.  Lauren and I made it to the semi-finals, and Jill was a runner up. 
From Left to Right - Doug Carpenter as Roger Hobbs; Jenny Crudden as Peggy Hobbs; Me as Kate Hobbs Play Practice!  Our play was "Mr. Hobbs' Vacation".  We had a lot of fun doing the play.  I loved playing my character.  She was the spoiled brat.  It was fun to play.  Here, Kate pouts while her parents scold her. 
At the Christmas dance my "brothers" and I.  Bryan, Jason, and Johnny. 
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