Exam 3

General Directions:
Each teams should cover it's question from the perspectives of Each team essay should begin with a clear thesis statement.The skills of comparison, analysis and synthesis should be demonstrated.

Be sure that the names of all team members are on the final essay.  Save it to a local file (C: Drive or Floppy Disk A:); Save it to the R: drive assignment folder (remember to close the file in Word before saving it to the R: Drive); and send a copy to Dr. Webster as an attachment to e-mail.

Team Questions: (Answer only the question assigned to your team!)

Youth to Adulthood Team

Given that Hamlet is a young adult, do you think he would have behaved differently if he were middle aged? How would he behave as a mature person?  Why did his youth contribute to his behavior in the way that it did?

Romantic Love Team

What role does reproductive fitness play in our life? How does it direct major patterns of  behavior?What aspects of our culture tend to cloud our view of  reality as shown in the four readings (especially Hamlet)?

Problem Solving Team

What is the relationship between the emotions and reason? What are the limitations of the human will? What makes humanity distinctive?

Conflict Resolution  Team

Why is it important to be true to oneself?  What does it mean to be true to oneself?
What are the negative consequences of the development of the ego?

Nature of Reality Team

Why might a playwright use ghosts and other sorts of cosmic imagery to dramatize the conflicts that are emerging? Why are Hamlet are Lame Deer willing to follow ghosts? What does it say about their self-esteem?


Evaluation Criteria

Thesis Statement
Clear one or two sentence desciption of the main point of the essay.
Hamlet (18)
Vision Quest (4)
Shakespeare in the Bush (4)
Veils of Maya (4)
5 points for each good comparison
5 points for each good synthesis based upon the analyses and comparisons.