How Do We Know?

Team Project Description

Youth to Adulthood
Romantic Love
Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Nature of Reality

Each team will prepare an electronic presentation that illustrates how we know about their specific topic from their several perspectives.  The team may choose to use either PowerPoint or HTML format for presentation. Electronic files must be submitted via the R:Drive and tested by Dr. Webster at least 1 hour before the scheduled final examination virtual discussion of the presentations. (10:30 a.m. Friday, December 17th).

Each presentation should have (minimum)

Main Menu or Title Slide
        Several Perspectives
        Team Members
        Unifying Graphic
Perspective Slides of Pages(One page or slide per each - minimum)
        Fact (about topic from this perspective)
        Evidence for Fact
        Method of knowing the evidence
        Graphic Illustration (unique to this perspective)
Comparison Slide or Pages (minimum two pages or slides)
        Similarities from Perspectives
        Differences from Perspectives
Integration Slide or Pages
        Main ideas that are clear by using the multiple perspectives
        (Should relate to the unifying graphic)

During the final exam period team members will answer questions about their presentations via course bulletin board.  All class members are required to view and discuss all the team projects during the final exam period.  Discussion will be virtual.