Library Assignment 1

Inquiry 101 WC

Due:  September 27
Click here to go to the library.
Clarify Topic:  Look up your topic in an encyclopedia.  Write a 25 word (or less) description of the topic.  Write the citation for the encyclopedia you used in MLA format.
Narrow the Field:  Use the library handbook to find a discipline specific reference for your topic in the discipline you selected to study.  List the relevant source and describe what you learned about your topic from the source(25 words or less).  List five keywords that you can use to find information about your topic. 
Find a Book:  Find at least one book using the OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalog).  Check the book out of the library and identify the chapter most relevant to your topic.  Read the chapter and briefly describe how it helps you to narrow your topic. Write the citation for the book chapter in MLA format.
Find an Artilce:  Use the Academic Search FullText Elite to find a scholarly journal article about your topic.  Read the article.  Write a brief summary of the article.  Write the citation for the article in MLA format. 
Refine Topic:  Write a specific area of the topic for further research.