Internet Psychology

Discussion Guide

For, "Psychological Applications on the Internet: A Discipline on the Threshold of a New Millennium" by Azy Barak

Types of Psychological Internet  Applications Reviewed by Barak:

  1. Information resources on psychological concepts and issues;
  2. Self-help guides;
  3. Psychological testing and assessment;
  4. Help in deciding to undergo therapy;
  5. Information about specific psychological services;
  6. Single-session psychological advice through e-mail or e-bulletin boards;
  7. Ongoing personal counseling and therapy through e-mail;
  8. Real-time counseling through chat, web telephony, and videoconferencing;
  9. Synchronous and asynchronous support groups, discussion groups, and groupcounseling;
  10. Psychological and social research

Discussion Questions

  1. Why are the majority of applications reviewed in the area of mental health services?
  2. What are the major benefits of Internet applications in the delivery of mental health services?
  3. What are the major drawbacks of Internet applications in the delivery of mental health services?
  4. Should mental health services on the Internet be liscenced?
  5. What body has the authority to govern psychology content and services delivered on the Internet?
  6. Are people seeking mental health services in need of special protection from Internet fraud?
  7. How is Psychology of the Internet different from Cyberpsychology?
  8. Which of the 10 types of Internet Applications are already prevalent in Korea?
  9. Which types have the greates promise for Korean psychology?
  10. What other applications of the Internet do you see for psychology?
  11. What will your own future Internet psychology application be?