Course Calendar

Internet Psychology- Fall 2000

Dates Reading Assignment Topic
September 1 Course Introduction  Course Introduction  & Pre Course Survey
September 8 Chapter 1a Suler The Internet as Psychological Space
September 15 Chapter 1b Suler
Two Handouts
September 22 Chapter 1 Suler Continued
Two Handouts
The Internet Used in Psychological Research and Practice
September 29 Ko-Yon-Jeun
October 6 Chapter 2a Suler
Two Handouts
Group Dynamics
October 13 Korean Psychological Association
October 20 Kraut, et. al & Comments
CyberSpace Work Group- Suler
On Line Discussion
October 27 Celio, et al.
Strom, et al.
Winzelberg, et al.
Internet Self- Help Research
November 3 Mid-term Exam
November 10 Web-Site Developmpent Skills
November 17 Web Development Skills Reading
Draft Web Page Due 10/16
Midterm Review
November 24 Mirrors Article Internet Consumer Behavior
December 1 Machines and Moods Artificial Intelligence on the Net
December 8 The Future of Cyberpsychology Final Web Page Project Presentations
Discussion Guide
December 15 Final Presentations Internet Addiction- Shinhee