Internet Psychology

Midterm Exam

November 3, 2000

General Directions:Read the four questions and select two to answer.For each answer first write an outline of the answer.Be sure that you address all parts of the question in your answer.A good answer will show that you have understood the course lectures, discussions and readings.It will show your analysis of the content as well as your evaluation of the issues and be supported by specific facts from that content.

  1. John Suler argues that the Internet is psychological space and as such the space influences the behavior of people using that space. What support does Suler’s argument get from the other course content? From that content what do you think are the most important features of the psychological space of the internet and how are they likely to affect behavior?
  2. What types of psychological problems are likely to be most effectively treated using some form of cybertherapy? What are the characteristics of the problems, clients, and therapies that are likely to be most effective? What problems should not be treated using the Internet? Why?
  3. The virtual office is increasing in popularity. So is the use of virtual workgroups. What are the characteristics of the virtual workgroups that are likely to produce the best work output? How does the use of a virtual workgroup affect worker satisfaction? How would you structure a virtual work environment to maximize output and satisfaction?
  4. Does Internet use reduce social interaction? Review the arguments on both sides of this “paradox” and then design a study that will resolve it. Be sure to describe how your study design is an improvement on the design by Kraut, et al.